Translation and legalization of documents

La Fit Trans Ltd. offers services in the field of translation and legalization of documents. The company's mission is to offer its services as close to you as possible and for that reason it has started opening representative offices across the country.

La Fit Trans Ltd. provides its clients with a new method of servicing, executing and receiving their services through specialized information system and client platform.

The company offers free consultations regarding the manner in which  documents, subject to legalization, should be issued, as well as determining the most appropriate deadlines for executing the relevant services.

When processing an order for translation and/or legalization, the company is guided by several basic principles:

  • Prossesing of orders as quickly as possible and within the agreed deadlines;
  • Selecting the most suitable translator and editor for the respective order;
  • Observing any specific requirements of the client and the used terminology;
  • Safekeeping of documents and data in strict confidentiality pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

La Fit Trans is a network of offices for translation and legalization of documents. The company is certified according to quality management standards EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015-05.
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We offer translation services, legalization of documents, online translations, specialized translations, interpretation etc. You can submit an order at our headquarters, at an office from the office network or through our online platform.
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We have a network of offices for translation and legalization of documents. You can request the translation and / or legalization of your documents in any office of the network.
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Translation of documents

Written official translations from and to more than 50 languages from certified (sworn) translators by the Directorate "Consular Affairs" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Legalization of documents

Preparation of documents for legalization and their filing in various state administrations and embassies.


Interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive translation. Accompanying and performing the formalities relating to executing transactions before a notary public. Providing equipment for simultaneous translation.

Specialized translations

Translation of documents with technical, medical, legal, financial etc. terminology by specialized translators.

Online translations

Online translations through a specialized centralized information system and client profile.


Servicing through a franchise network of offices on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Do you need translation and legalization of documents?

You can request an order for translation and legalization of documents at our headquarters, at an office from the office network or through our online platform

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