Last generation translation technologies

La Fit Trans LTD implemented a unique for the territory of Bulgaria centralized information system, which was especially developed for the needs of a translation company. The system was completed in year 2010 by Global Business Solutions and it gives the possibility to manage all processes related to translation services and the preparation of documents for legalization. All working processes take into consideration the features of business on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Here are some of the capabilities of the centralized information system:

  • Acceptance of translation orders
  • The processing of all translation orders and their assignment to a translator and editor
  • Storage of translated documents
  • Acceptance of orders for legalization
  • The processing of orders for legalization and their handing-over to a specialized courier
  • Client profile - giving of orders, statistics, payments, archive of translated documents and orders and many others
  • Translator’s profile-assigned and fulfilled orders, statistics and records of payments and others
  • Courier’s profile-assigned and fulfilled orders, statistics of payments and so on
  • Work with a network of offices-the system allows work with unlimited number of offices, which register orders and download the necessary documents
  • Invoicing, paying a deposit/earnest money and accounting
  • A large number of statistics and pieces of information
  • Flexible price list by groups and departments
  • Section ENQUIRIES, which gives an opportunity to all people to ask their questions and to get a reply from the client service center of La Fit Trans LTD
  • Registration of translators, couriers, institutions, prices, offices, operators, types of services and documents, automatic recording of certain types of documents at the institutions where legalization is made and many others

The centralized information system is a result of the hard work of several years of a team of experienced programmers and it contains a functionality, which covers all aspects of the work a translation agency. During the system development, the latest and state-of-art programming technologies were used, the most updated processes related to client services for translation and legalization were made possible and we have the unique opportunity to maintain many offices and to process documents in a centralized way.

La Fit Trans LTD has made a big investment in the implementation of such centralized information system, as the company wants to show its clients and partners its determination to offer unique and innovative methods for providing translation and legalization services.

La Fit Trans is a network of offices for translation and legalization of documents. The company is certified according to quality management standards EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015-05.
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We offer translation services, legalization of documents, online translations, specialized translations, interpretation etc. You can submit an order at our headquarters, at an office from the office network or through our online platform.
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We have a network of offices for translation and legalization of documents. You can request the translation and / or legalization of your documents in any office of the network.
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Translation of documents

Written official translations from and to more than 50 languages from certified (sworn) translators by the Directorate "Consular Affairs" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Legalization of documents

Preparation of documents for legalization and their filing in various state administrations and embassies.


Interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive translation. Accompanying and performing the formalities relating to executing transactions before a notary public. Providing equipment for simultaneous translation.

Specialized translations

Translation of documents with technical, medical, legal, financial etc. terminology by specialized translators.

Online translations

Online translations through a specialized centralized information system and client profile.


Servicing through a franchise network of offices on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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You can request an order for translation and legalization of documents at our headquarters, at an office from the office network or through our online platform

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