Centralized translation services franchise network


If you have your own business, office, you offer end-user services, and you want to increase your revenue by offering additional services, the inclusion of the LA FIT TRANS network is right for you.

We offer you to implement our trademark and procedures and thus offer comprehensive service to your customers.

La Fit Trans Ltd provides its franchise partners with:

  • Centralized Order Processing
  • The largest number of translation and legalization services on the territory of the country
  • Training your operators from your office
  • Customer Support at every step of the process
  • Motivating commission for processed orders
  • Branding, advertising, and promoting your office
  • Participation in the only franchise network for translation services in the country
  • Additional earnings on your core business
  • No Initial Investment in Starting Partner Relationship

Please contact us at office (at) lafit-trans.com or call +359 2 483 98 93 / +359 88 512 93 23 to request a franchise contract. The experts of La Fit Trans Ltd. will require a brief description of the services offered at the moment, photos of your office and a brief summary of your ideas for the development of the translation business.

La Fit Trans is a network of offices for translation and legalization of documents. The company is certified according to quality management standards EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015-05.
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We offer translation services, legalization of documents, online translations, specialized translations, interpretation etc. You can submit an order at our headquarters, at an office from the office network or through our online platform.
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We have a network of offices for translation and legalization of documents. You can request the translation and / or legalization of your documents in any office of the network.
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Translation of documents

Written official translations from and to more than 50 languages from certified (sworn) translators by the Directorate "Consular Affairs" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Legalization of documents

Preparation of documents for legalization and their filing in various state administrations and embassies.


Interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive translation. Accompanying and performing the formalities relating to executing transactions before a notary public. Providing equipment for simultaneous translation.

Specialized translations

Translation of documents with technical, medical, legal, financial etc. terminology by specialized translators.

Online translations

Online translations through a specialized centralized information system and client profile.


Servicing through a franchise network of offices on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Do you need translation and legalization of documents?

You can request an order for translation and legalization of documents at our headquarters, at an office from the office network or through our online platform

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