Online translations through client platform

La Fit Trans has developed for its clients a platform through which they can be serviced and consulted online, as well as receive translations and legalization of documents online.

The client platform provides an innovative way for servicing clients that use online translations and legalization. The client has the possibility to send inquires and to get in contact with an operator from La Fit Trans in real time via live chat.

Through the platform, the client can receive online translations, which are prepared as certified translations, official translations or translations without any certifications. The services related to document legalization can also be placed online, but the document must be sent physically by currier and this can be arranged by  an operator of La Fit Trans.

The platform maintains complete accounting and statistics. An innovative section was developed for the client, which aims at providing specific information on the services that La Fit Trans provides, information on the specifics for legalization and certification of documents, as well as other relevant to the client information.
Through the platform, the client has the possibility to place a request for an offer/order, receive the executed online translations and to pay online anytime, anywhere in the world.

The platform maintains secure online card payments via the BORICA payment system. Tha payment can also be made by bank, ePay etc.

La Fit Trans is an agency for translation and legalization with years of experiance in offering specialised services. The company is certified according to quality management standards EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015-05.
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We offer translation of documents, certified and official translations, legalization of documents, certification of documents, online translations and legalization of documents, specialized translations, interpretation etc.
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We have a network of offices for the translation and legalization of documents. You can request the translation and legalization of your documents in any office of the network or online through the client platform.
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Translation of documents

Translations from and into more than 50 languages from certified (sworn) translators by the Directorate "Consular Affairs" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Legalization of documents

Preparation of documents for legalization and certification, as well as their their filing in various state administrations and embassies.


Interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive translation. Accompanying and performing the formalities relating to executing transactions before a notary public. Providing equipment for simultaneous translation.

Specialized translations

Translation of documents with technical, medical, legal, financial etc. terminology by specialized translators.

Online translations

Online translations through a specialized centralized information system and client profile.

Certified Translations

Certification of translations of official and private (unofficial) documents and other papers.

Do you need translation and legalization of documents?

You can request an order for translation and legalization of documents at our headquarters, at an office from the office network or through our online platform

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