Prices for translation services

The prices for the translation of documents are divided into four groups according to document type and the terminology used.


  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of civil marriage
  • Certificate of family status
  • Certificate of identity of a person with different names
  • Certificate of inheritance
  • Cerificate of permanent address
  • Certificate of current address
  • Certificate of husband/wife and kinship
  • Death Certificatе
  • Holy Christening Certificate
  • Certificate of religious marriage
  • Certificate of criminal records
  • Other documents, which have the same level of complexity


  • Diploma of secondary education
  • Diploma of higher education
  • Supplement to diploma of higher education
  • Certificates of acquired specialty
  • Academic transcripts
  • Certificates from universities
  • Certificate of completed school grade
  • Certificates of transfer
  • Certificates of acquired professional qualification
  • Certificate of current status
  • Certificate from the Social Assistance Agency
  • Bank references
  • Certificate from Traffic Police Department (Sector)
  • Certificate from Bulgarian Identity Documents Department (Sector)
  • Other documents, which have the same level of complexity


  • Declaration
  • Tax return
  • Employment contract
  • Power of attorney
  • Recommendation
  • Reference
  • Notary Deed
  • Decision for divorce
  • Service Book
  • Immunization passport
  • Job Description
  • Accounting Reports
  • Articles of association
  • Minutes from General meetings
  • Supplements to medical and technical diplomas of higher education
  • Medical and technical academic transcripts
  • Documents of general nature in free text
  • Other documents, which have the same level of complexity


  • Discharge Summary (Epicrisis)
  • Medical Examination
  • Medical Referral
  • Medical Certificate
  • Protocol for medical treatment abroad
  • Expert Decision (Territorial Expert Medical Commission)
  • Court Decision
  • Court Ordinance
  • Court Opinion
  • Extract from the State Gazette
  • Audit Report
  • Technical Specification
  • Operation manual (machinery, software etc.)
  • Laws, regulations, directives and other acts
  • Other specialized documents

La Fit Trans is an agency for translation and legalization with years of experiance in offering specialised services. The company is certified according to quality management standards EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015-05.
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We offer translation of documents, certified and official translations, legalization of documents, certification of documents, online translations and legalization of documents, specialized translations, interpretation etc.
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We have a network of offices for the translation and legalization of documents. You can request the translation and legalization of your documents in any office of the network or online through the client platform.
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Translation of documents

Translations from and into more than 50 languages from certified (sworn) translators by the Directorate "Consular Affairs" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Legalization of documents

Preparation of documents for legalization and certification, as well as their their filing in various state administrations and embassies.


Interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive translation. Accompanying and performing the formalities relating to executing transactions before a notary public. Providing equipment for simultaneous translation.

Specialized translations

Translation of documents with technical, medical, legal, financial etc. terminology by specialized translators.

Online translations

Online translations through a specialized centralized information system and client profile.

Certified Translations

Certification of translations of official and private (unofficial) documents and other papers.

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