Office network for translation services

Office network for translation services

La Fit Trans provides services for translations and interpretations, certifications and legalization of documents through an office network on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In any of the offices, you can request the following translation services:
  • Translations - official, certified and unofficial (without certifications) translations;
  • Specialized translations - including additional text processing and graphic design, translations in specialized softwares etc.;
  • Interpretations - consecutive, simultaneous, accompanying, before notary public etc.;
  • Legalization and certifications of documents - in all state administrations and embassies on the country's territory.
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Offices for translation and legalization of documents



България, София
Бул. Патриарх Евтимий 36-А
+35924411888; +359889184785
co (at)
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Aytos - Gen. Gurko


България, Айтос
ул. Генерал Гурко № 39
aytos.gen.gurko (at)
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Balchik - Zhelyazko Bonchev


България, Балчик
ул. Желязко Бончев №33А
blch.zh.bonchev (at)
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Bansko - Nayden Gerov


България, Банско
ул. Найден Геров №12
bsk.nayden_gerov (at)
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Blagoevgrad - Krali Marko


България, Благоевград
ул. Крали Марко №8
blg.krali.marko (at)
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Botevgrad - Neznaen voyn


България, Ботевград
пл. Незнаен войн №7, Бизнес център ет. 1 офис 6
btg.neznaen.voin (at)
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Burgas - Meden rudnik


България, Бургас
ж.к. Меден рудник бл. 118 ет. 1
bs.meden.rudnik (at)
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Burgas - Slaveykov


България, Бургас
к-с Славейков, бл. 162
bs.slaveykov (at)
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Burgas - Car Simeon I


България, Бургас
ул. Симеон I №18
bs.tsar.simeon (at)
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Byala Slatina - Kliment Ohridski

Byala Slatina

България, Бяла Слатина
ул. Климент Охридски №72
bls.kliment.ohridski (at)
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Veliko Tarnovo - Nikola Gabrovski

Veliko Tarnovo

България, Велико Търново
ул. Никола Габровски №24
vtur.nikola.gabrovski (at)
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Vidin - Zheleznicharska


България, Видин
ул. Железничарска № 19 (в м-н Т Маркет)
vdn.zheleznicharska (at)
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Varshec - Vasil Levski


България, Вършец
ул. Васил Левски № 5
vrsh.vasil.levski (at)
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Gabrovo - Nikolaevska


България, Габрово
ул. Николаевска №8
gab.nikolaevska (at)
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Goce Delchev - Byalo more

Goce Delchev

България, Гоце Делчев
ул. Бяло море №13
gd.byalo.more (at)
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Goce Delchev - Ivan Vazov

Goce Delchev

България, Гоце Делчев
ул. Иван Вазов №5
gd.ivan.vazov (at)
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Galabovo - Republika


България, Гълъбово
бул. Република №92
glb.republica (at)
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Dupnica - Sv. Ivan Rilski


България, Дупница
ул. Свети Иван Рилски №47
+35970150607 (at)
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Kazanlak - Rozova dolina


България, Казанлък
бул. Розова долина №1
kznl.rozova.dolina (at)
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Kubrat - Car Osvoboditel


България, Кубрат
ул. Цар Освободител № 4
kbr.tsar.osvoboditel (at)
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Kyustendil - Polk. Manov


България, Кюстендил
ул. Полк. Стефан Манов №3
kust.polk.manov (at)
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Kyustendil - Yavorov


България, Кюстендил
ул. Яворов №1
kust.yavorov (at)
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Lovech - Balgariya


България, Ловеч
бул. България №29
lvch.bulgaria (at)
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Madan - Obedinenie


България, Мадан
ул. Обединение №11Ж
mdn.obedinenie (at)
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Montana - Graf Ignatiev


България, Монтана
ул. Граф Игнатиев №16
+35996595950 (at)
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Pernik - 6 may


България, Перник
кв. Твърди ливади, ул. 6 май №6
prnk.6may (at)
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Petrich - Car Boris


България, Петрич
ул. Цар Борис III №5
pch.gdelchev (at)
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Radomir - Batenberg


България, Радомир
ул. Батенберг №31
rad.batenberg (at)
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Razgrad - Yuzhen bulevard


България, Разград
бул. Южен №24
rzg.yuzhen.bul (at)
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Rudozem - Vasil Levski


България, Рудозем
ул. Васил Левски №17
rudz.bulgaria (at)
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Samokov - Iskar


България, Самоков
бул. Искър № 117
smk.iskar (at)
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Svishtov - Treti mart


България, Свищов
ул.Трети март № 46
sv.treti.mart (at)
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Silistra - Lyuben Karavelov


България, Силистра
ул. Любен Каравелов №2А, ет.3, офис 1
sls.lyuben.karavelov (at)
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Smolyan - Balgariya


България, Смолян
бул. България №86
sml.bulgaria (at)
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Sofiya - Andrey Lyapchev


България, София
бул. Андрей Ляпчев № 20
sf.andrey.lyapchev (at)
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Sofiya - Vasil Levski


България, София
бул. Васил Левски №37
sf.vasil.levski (at)
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Sofiya - Vitosha


България, София
бул. Витоша № 99
sf.vitosha (at)
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Sofiya - Garitidzh biznes park


България, София
ул. Донка Ушлинова № 2, Гаритидж бизнес парк
sf.donka.ushlinova (at)
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Sofiya - Madrid


България, София
бул. Мадрид №36
+35929433795 (at)
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Sofiya - Mladost 3


България, София
жк. Младост №3, бл. 342
sf.mladost3 (at)
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Sofiya - Hadzhi Dimitar


България, София
жк. Хаджи Димитър, ул. Макгахан бл. 69
sf.hd (at)
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Teteven - Ivan Vazov


България, Тетевен
ул. Иван Вазов №80
tet.ivan.vazov (at)
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Troyan - Vasil Levski


България, Троян
ул. Васил Левски № 14
tro.vasil.levski (at)
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Troyan - Hristo Botev


България, Троян
ул. Христо Ботев №224
tro.hristo.botev (at)
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Translation of documents

Translations from and into more than 50 languages from certified (sworn) translators by the Directorate "Consular Affairs" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Legalization of documents

Preparation of documents for legalization and certification, as well as their their filing in various state administrations and embassies.


Interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive translation. Accompanying and performing the formalities relating to executing transactions before a notary public. Providing equipment for simultaneous translation.

Specialized translations

Translation of documents with technical, medical, legal, financial etc. terminology by specialized translators.

Online translations

Online translations through a specialized centralized information system and client profile.

Certified Translations

Certification of translations of official and private (unofficial) documents and other papers.

Do you need translation and legalization of documents?

You can request an order for translation and legalization of documents at our headquarters, at an office from the office network or through our online platform

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